Create Reel Change Tidbits Episode 1

Every Monday we give you a little treat for you ears. A short story of inspiration to get your week of the best start.

Today we have filmmaker and social worker Shannalee Otanez (aka host of Saturday Breakfast Jam, 7-10 a.m. Saturdays on KRCL) on Hope Lives, Preventing Teen Suicide, a film screening and panel discussion that will take place Wednesday, March 22, 6 p.m. at the University of Utah College of Social Work, Goodwill Building, Room #155. Note: 1.5 CEU's available.



I'm not a painter in any shape or form but my house does need a lick of paint here and there. It seems quite over whelming right now as I should have been taking taking care of the maintenance over time. But I love procrastinating.

What do I want? Everything! When do I want it? Now!

When will I do it? Tomorrow! YAY said the people.

Off to Home Depot to pick up some paint and start slapping it on the walls and spilling on the floor. Who needs masking tape anyway. Just as I'm feeling good about all my hard work, I realize I have painted myself into a corner. Disaster. Looks like I'm not getting out of this one.

Is there a way out? Of course! There's already paint all over the place, so what difference does it make to walk through the wet paint to the other side.

All in the perspective.

Tis the season...

Ding Dong, lights flash and flicker, everything is to and fro and everything is go go go. Of course this explains the hustle and bustle of the season but imagine how this would feel every moment of everyday within the mental health mind? For a moment imagine those who yearn for all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

There are many people and many issues out there this time of year who are perhaps snowed under. Rather than list possibilities, wouldn't it be cool to take a time, even the split second as a snow flake melts, to think of one yourself and reach out to say hello.

If you yourself are feeling glum, just remember you are not alone. Pick up the phone and call the Lifeline Crisis Hotline 1‑800‑273‑TALK (8255) or online chat

Hear Me Episode 3 - Krampus Creativity Special!

Back in your ear drums or wherever else you want to stick it. For you listening pleasure we bounced on over to KRCL again this month to bring the creativity to showcase to the airwaves. This month we feature the comedy stylings of Christopher Stephenson and his Christmas Cats, we search for coal in Krampus' sack with Antonio Lexerot and we "bookend" everything with sounds from The Bookends with Rick Gerber and Gillian Chase. As always you can email your comments to and we'll read it out on next months show. Or also let us know if you fancy being a guest. Happy days one and all.

Tis The Season To Be Scary

Well here is the thing people, monsters do exist. Whether manifested internally or directed towards us externally, they do indeed live among us. Now I am not talking about hairy pointy teethed beasts from books and films, although I'm pretty sure the myths and legends are derived from truths.

I am talking about how we perceive mental illness. Such as the rage that develops within someone that once it comes out can not be stopped. Much like the werewolf.

Or the emotional transformation that occurs when certain substances are ingested to bring out the monster. Such as Jekyll and Hyde.

There are always apologies and analogies to these anomalies that we can't quite understand. So we create myths to describe the occurrences aligned more with the occult than the actualities. But we will never tame the beasts until we stop locking it up.

Happy Halloween.

Hear Me Podcast Episode 2

Back in your ear drums or wherever else you want to stick it. For you listening pleasure we bounced on over to KRCL again this moth to bring the creativity to showcase to the airwaves. This month we feature the comedy stylings of Erin Dobbins, we walk the boards with Sackerson's Alex Ungerman and we round it off with Brio featuring Jay Dynomite Agnello and Devin Skye. As always you can email your comments to and we'll read it out on next months show. Or also let us know if you fancy being a guest. Happy days one and all.


I have always enjoyed a life of balance or perhaps more to the truth is a perceived life of balance. One thing that has bugged me over the years is my constant actions upon my first thought. Whatever the hurdle ahead, whether big, small, insignificant or treacherous, my mind would make a decision and my body would act upon it. Mostly with disastrous repercussions.

Take Jenga for example. It’s a game of blocks, wooden or plastic, blank and coloured and all mostly the same shape and size. The blocks can get mixed up between sets too and the game can still be played. I’ve seen this played all over the world from pubs to parks and even by massive construction vehicles! The game is set up perfectly with every angle in perfection. A towering beauty of strength standing up to the best and worst that is thrown forth. But deary my, over time, blocks are removed and replaced upon our shoulders. Everyone takes their turn, including you, but only you have the choice on what area to extract and where to construct. Much like us, the blocks can get a bit battered and chipped. Seemingly dictating where they fit in life. They grow and grow upon each other, leaving the foundations increasingly spindly until there is no choice but for nature to take over and the walls come tumbling down.

The beauty though is that things can always be rebuilt in a way that is stronger to the elements (if you are a good architect!). Now as a rebuild from my rubble once again perhaps my first thought is not the right one. Perhaps that block should be left alone or even built around to add rigidity and structure. AND Guess what? Turns out I’m not even an architect! Perhaps I should ask for advice before meddling with my own tower but most importantly others..

Hear Me Podcast Episode 1

Well things keep on trucking and we've got a radio show!! Once a month on KRCL 90.9 FM and streaming online. But hey we can't listen live!! Well stick this podcast in your earholes.

Featuring David Skorut. Filmmaker. Winner of 2016 48 Hour Film Project SLC is truly one of the shining lights that I have seen come out of the Utah film community. Amerah Ames. Comedian. A young talent that has wit beyond her years and a voice striking into your ears to give you pause for thought. A pillar of the young comedy scene in SLC. Ben Brinton. Finger picken' good and with a vocal tone that will wash you out to sea and bring you back to shore again. A musical maestro that SLC is lucky to have.  

Listen live next month for a whole new lineup of guests. 


I remember years ago my Dad wrote out a Christmas list for what he wanted from the children for Santa. He had only written one thing down and it was a jigsaw. My mind ran away with itself trying to imagine the best possible jigsaw. What brand?, how many pieces?, should there be a picture of a truck or a horse on it?. I was awash with ideas and excitement, not only for the chance to please my Dad but also the chance to sit with him and build the puzzle. We had spent time before in the past where he had helped me build model airplanes and technic lego machines nurturing my engineering brain. But as with most things, while we're living, traditions and past times seem to go by the wayside as other more pressing issues raise their heads. For me as a young teenage boy, I had suddenly seemed to be obsessed with the fairer 50% of our species and climbing trees, jumping bikes and even smoking had entered my days, introducing me to the wide and wonderful world of "peacocking". It would take me a long time to perfect my peacocking ways which is a whole other story.

Well anyway, Christmas day came and I sat patiently waiting for the circle of gifting to reach the moment of truth. Would he like the puzzle I had pondered over for so long? Would the 1000 pieces be enough to peak his interest? and finally, would the fluffy bunnies in the meadow depicted hop, skip and jump through his memory for years to come?

Well the answer is no. Turns out he wanted a Black and Decker Power Jigsaw and not a piddley puzzle at all! But in his stern gentle way he voiced his understanding of the mistake and we had a good chortle. Unfortunately we never took the time to sit and place each piece of the picture and now I find myself sorting through the cupboard looking for those fluffy bunnies in the hope of spending time with my son now that the roles are reversed. It may take us a few hours, a few days or an eternity but with each piece that we place will create peace of mind that we took time and created moments together.

While we're living, the dreams we have as children fade away.

Where we're going we need roads.

Neil Diamond once told me "The road is long, with many a winding turn" which is good advice but not very succinct. Quite abstract and open to interpretation. But then I found out that The Hollies had told him that very same thing ages ago and many others along the way have  spoken of that path to a plethora of people.  

Lately I've been looking back at my road as more of a trail of tribulations. With many accidents and detours strewen with it's fair share of horrific road kill!. I've been slowing down to a near stand still to rubber neck at the perceived disasters by the edge. (I remember the Elvis song "Let's go rubberneckin'" which I recently found out was referring to checking out lovely lasses on a Friday night rather than perusing car accidents!! It makes a lot more sense now)   

But t'would seem that if I unfold my trail in a different light, it becomes a map to my mental wellness. Those crashes and carcasses become art pieces and new recipes. Life can now be full of tourist attractions off the beaten track instead of beating myself up to attract attention. So at this crossroads I find myself at is conclusive proof that THIS, whatever this is, too shall pass. Whether Neil tells you, or even me, this is the true constant in life. One foot in front of the other and you'll get there.