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Animation Showcase at Labeled

Join Create Reel Change for a wonderful Sunday afternoon exploring the issues around mental health through animation. Part of the Labeled Film Festival this will include 6 films followed by an interactive presentation by Brian Higgins founder of Create Reel Change and a panel discussion about the perceptions of mental health. Dr. Jon-Kar Zubieta, Dean of Psychiatry with the University of Utah, will be guesting on the panel along with a few special guests.

Broadway Center Cinemas, Tickets are just $20, with 75% going to your choice of Mental Health organizations in Utah.

Running Time: 17 min Country: Germany, English Subtitles Director: Till Nowak
Dissonance is a trip between fantasy and reality, between animation and live action drama. It tells the story of a
psychotic street musician who has to leave his mental world to deal with the real one.

Running Time: 7 min 30 sec Country: USA Director: Dawn Dreyer & Andrea Love
Fear considers the tension between fear and safety; faith and psychology; and acceptance and healing.

Running Time: 9 min Country: United Kingdom Director: Nina Gantz
A stop motion film about an oddball felted character who slips through floors into the past and the deepest parts of his
psyche in his pursuit of self-understanding. BAFTA 2016 Winner!

Running Time: 5 min Country: Switzerland, English subtitles Director: Frederic Siegel
Ruben is haunted by obsessive-compulsive thoughts; is the front door locked? Is the stove really turned off? As Ruben’s
creative mind is invaded by increasingly absurd scenarios, reality and imagination begin to merge… Best Graduation
Film, Swiss Film Award 2016.

Running Time: 12 min Country: Germany, Estonia, English subtitled Director: Katre Steinbrück (Haav)
Have you been in Space? Oliver has, without even leaving Earth. Oliver has schizophrenia. In his world, imagination and
reality both conflict. It is hard to resist being dragged into illusion, but even harder to get out of it. Every day, he lives
with the fear of a psychosis relapse.

Running Time: 7 min Country: USA Director: Brian Higgins
The biggest adventure is life. We can all choose our own but sometimes the arch villains stand in our way.


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