I have always enjoyed a life of balance or perhaps more to the truth is a perceived life of balance. One thing that has bugged me over the years is my constant actions upon my first thought. Whatever the hurdle ahead, whether big, small, insignificant or treacherous, my mind would make a decision and my body would act upon it. Mostly with disastrous repercussions.

Take Jenga for example. It’s a game of blocks, wooden or plastic, blank and coloured and all mostly the same shape and size. The blocks can get mixed up between sets too and the game can still be played. I’ve seen this played all over the world from pubs to parks and even by massive construction vehicles! The game is set up perfectly with every angle in perfection. A towering beauty of strength standing up to the best and worst that is thrown forth. But deary my, over time, blocks are removed and replaced upon our shoulders. Everyone takes their turn, including you, but only you have the choice on what area to extract and where to construct. Much like us, the blocks can get a bit battered and chipped. Seemingly dictating where they fit in life. They grow and grow upon each other, leaving the foundations increasingly spindly until there is no choice but for nature to take over and the walls come tumbling down.

The beauty though is that things can always be rebuilt in a way that is stronger to the elements (if you are a good architect!). Now as a rebuild from my rubble once again perhaps my first thought is not the right one. Perhaps that block should be left alone or even built around to add rigidity and structure. AND Guess what? Turns out I’m not even an architect! Perhaps I should ask for advice before meddling with my own tower but most importantly others..

Brian HigginsComment