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Community Through Diverse Voices.



We design and provide programs to inspire people within marginalized communities including mental health, LGBTQ, refugee and others experiencing stigma. Enabling expression through creative motivational connection.
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Fests & Events

With a foundation of annual community film festivals, we also produce and present multiple repeating and one off events. Keep checking back to see what else is coming your way.



We bring our presentations to your facility.
Schools, Treatment, Residential and any other group based centers.

Learn to inspire, motivate and communicate to bring your shadows into the spotlight.



Have you a story to tell? We can help you achieve your audience.


Dedicated To Change.

Documentaries don’t have to be long and boring. In this experience, students will choose a topic, craft a structure, film and gather the elements, and assemble a short-form documentary from their own unique perspective.




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CREATING meaning, ideas, methods and interpretations to new paths of understanding. 

INNOVATING something new to make changes in established ways and procedures. 

EXPERIENCING a new perspective and visualizing a turning point.



events created and presented

Including keynotes, presentations, conventions and festivals. I tailor the content to suit your inspiring needs. 



Years Serving communities

With international presence and personal touch, I can come to you or vice versa.  "we all left with courage and strength"



Thousand people Impacted

Through public, corporate and facilities, my programs and events have enhanced the lives of  struggling populations.