Round and round and round the record spins, with a comforting crackle underneath Dylan telling the youth of the yesterday, today and tomorrow the woes of the world. It's simple, the record goes on the turntable, the needle goes into the groove and then we get into the groove, for whatever that maybe. We are happy travelling in circles of continuum. I even found myself thinking I knew the meaning of life!

The answer my friend...The answer my friend...The answer my friend...The answer my friend...

No I am not stuttering but there is a scratch in the record. What am I going to do? I love that song. Better get the shovel and start piling earth onto it, not in the burial sense, but I love making mountains out of molehills. The record seems broken now and unplayable at the best part!! I could throw it away and get a new one, maybe even a CD, but they break too. Starting again from the beginning until another part scratches. Over and over and over making the same mistakes. This is my cycle and I certainly sound like a broken record a lot.

But here is the plan, how can I Create Change in my life in this situation. The record isn't smashed or destroyed but in fact there is just a bit of fluff on the stylus that I can remove with a simple puff of breath and the sweet tones can continue to emanate. "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind"

Remember vinyl seemed to be dead, but it is making a comeback.

Brian HigginsComment